Hiroyuki Personal Wiki

Welcome to a personal wiki i have set up to organize all the crap i consider important and that i usually stumble upon while browsing the web.

My current official fediverse profile is: https://fedi.absturztau.be/satoshi

Pixelfed account where i upload my Blender stuff: https://pixelfed.social/takenori

Last blog post

Moved to another server

The page has been surviving on free servers for a lot of time now, and the last one i was using became very flaky these last days, so i had to move it to yet another free server.

This one has less storage space available but i have been using this service provider on another sites and i know for sure it isn't as flaky as the previous one so it's good for the time being.

2022/01/25 18:10 · hiroyuki · 0 Comments